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Here’s The Good News: Getting on an effective exercise and nutrition program will absolutely change your life. Any person who has their health dialed in will live better, longer, and happier.

Here’s The Bad News: Figuring it out on your own is nearly impossible, and if you ever do crack the code, it will probably be after decades of making mistake after mistake.

Doesn’t that sound like kind of a waste?

Now for some really, really good news. You can skip all that testing and failing by making one simple move…

Learn from someone who’s already been through the trial and error!

That’s what I offer with this program. It’s the culmination of decades of experience, thousands of hours studying scientific papers, and training an army of clients. At the end of all that, I’ve figured out exactly what the body needs and how to manipulate it effectively.

Oh, and I’m ready to share that knowledge with you.

Let Me Guess...

  • You’re not where you want to be in terms of physical performance.
  • You’re not where you want to be in terms of quality of life.
  • You’ve never fully committed to an effective weightlifting routine.
  • You’ve tried to build muscle in the past, only to stay at the same weight.
  • You’ve tried to build muscle in the past, only to gain a ton of fat.

If any of these describe you, I get it. Not only have I been there myself, but I’ve also worked with thousands of clients in similar situations. Luckily, I helped them get the results they wanted and can do the same for you.

Success Stories

Before we get into the meat of the program, let me tell you about the success TriCon training brings people. We’ll start with me, Gary Walker. I used these exact methods to go from being overweight and unhappy to lean and feeling great.

The real testament to this program’s effectiveness, though, is the results of my clients. Every time one of them truly commits to the TriCon philosophy, they end up…

At the end of the day, what really matters is how much better you feel after going through the program. I built it with this idea in mind… I built it for you.…

What Is TriCon-X Training?

Awhile back, exercise scientists made a ground-breaking discovery. They found out that pushing as much weight as possible in the gym is not a good way to train. Instead, it’s all about putting your muscles under tension.

But what exactly does that mean?

Let’s make it simple. When you’re doing a rep, you bring the weight up, then down. You’re putting the muscle under tension for that entire process. The conclusion researchers came to is that optimal muscle growth comes from leveraging tension in a precise and effective way.

TriCon-X stands for Triple Contraction Training.

I designed it to...

  • Give your muscles the perfect amount of tension.
  • Keep you safe from injuries.
  • Get you the best results possible.

Basically, you get the maximum output for your effort. That means not wasting any time or energy on inefficient strategies that just don’t work.

How Will We Implement It?

The program is broken up into 3 crucial phases…

Phase #1:
TriCon Strength

Begin your compound training regimen and start reaping the muscular benefits. This will be the foundation we build on for the rest of the program.

Phase #2:
Explosive Speed

In this phase, you’ll turn all that newfound muscle into powerful, fast, high-performing ability. We’ll take your strength and make it functional.

Phase #3:

All the power in the world means nothing if you don’t have any conditioning. My cardio workouts will get you in the best shape of your life.

Everything That Comes With 12-Week TriCon-X Program

  • Three comprehensive guides to all the phases of the TriCon-X philosophy.
  • A Quick Start Guide that helps you get going right away.
  • A Nutrition Guide that outlines the basics of carb cycling and healthy eating.
  • The Exercise Execution Guide, which teaches you to do every movement safely and correctly.
  • Complete done for you Meal Plans to get you started on your path to success immediately.
  • An understanding of how to combine all these principles and turn them into massive success.

Why It Works So Well

Every phase of this program is great on its own, and you’d benefit a lot from following them. That said, the real magic starts when you combine them.

  • TriCon strength training will change your physique and life with its powerful benefits.
  • Explosive speed will train your nervous system to operate at the highest level.
  • Conditioning will help you burn fat and build stamina.
  • Carb cycling will give you the fuel you need without gaining fat.
  • The rest of the extras will keep you safe and ensure your devotion to the process.

The truth about this program is that I could have released it 10 years ago, and it would’ve still been pretty darn good. Instead, I waited, tested, optimized, and adjusted until it was absolutely perfect.

Add all this to a healthy dose of hard work, and you’re going to get the results you want. Period.

It’s Time To Make A Decision…

1. You can keep training the same way you always have and getting the same disappointing results.

2. Or, you can adopt a new strategy and change your life completely.

Easy choice, right?

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By The Way…

Though this program has proven to be incredibly effective, I still understand you not being 100% confident in your purchase.

That’s why I offer a fantastic refund guarantee. All I ask is that you give the program a shot and see if you like it.

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